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Jual: Hape Satelit Thuraya XT Seken Mulus Fullset Plus Perdana Pulsa

Jual hape satelit seken neh.. tipe Thuraya XT.. msh mulus dan normal tentunya.. harga Rp 6.000.000,- aja.. udh termasuk perdana dan pulsa awalnya ya..

Kondisi hape satelit Thuraya XT nya:
  • warna hitam
  • mulus 90%
  • fullset ya gan (full original)
  • udah termasuk perdana baru dgn pulsa awal 10 unit
  • masih normal tentunya

Spesifikasi hape satelit Thuraya XT:
  • Size: 128 x 53 x 26,5 mm
  • Weight: 193 gr
  • Display 2", 262K colors
  • Glare resistant display: Easy readability in direct sunlight, no matter how bright the conditions are
  • Battery talk time up to 6 hours, standyby time up to 80 hours
  • PC compability Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000
  • External Interface Data Cable (UDC) with USB connector, Ear Jack, DC Power
  • Thuraya XT’s IP54/IK03 rating is a globally recognized standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission
  • Splash resistance, dust resistance, shock proofing
  • Covering more than 140 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa
  • Functions including Voice, Internet, SMS, Fax and GPS navigation
  • Internet-on-the-go: The handset’s GmPRS capability means you can easily send/ receive emails and browse the web with your laptop or PC
  • Language Support: The menu of the Thuraya XT supports 12 standard languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Farsi, Hindi and Urdu

Sedikit penampakan dari hape satelit Thuraya XT sekennya:

Hape Satelit Thuraya XT Seken Mulus Plus Perdana Pulsa
Thuraya XT

Hape Satelit Thuraya XT Seken Mulus Plus Perdana Pulsa
Thuraya XT

Hape Satelit Thuraya XT Seken Mulus Plus Perdana Pulsa
Thuraya XT

Boleh langsung kunjungi lokasi kami di:
CNC phoneshop
ITC ROXYMAS, lt dasar no 99-a
jl. Hasyim Ashari, Jakarta Pusat
tel: +6289677775534 (call only)
contact person: ROBET (08158305534)
contact by Whatsapp, klik: 08158305534
email: robb_llee@yahoo.co.id
web: www.cncvirtual.com

Untuk segala keperluan transaksi:
BCA, 1950578277, an: ROBET
Mandiri, 117-006-606-606-9, an: ROBET

Untuk hape satelit tipe lainnya, boleh cari disini ya gan: https://www.cncvirtual.com/2011/06/daftar-harga-tipe-tipe-hp-satelit.html

Mau pesen hape satelit Thuraya XT seken ini lewat Shopee gan?.. pesen disini ya: https://shopee.co.id/Hape-Satelit-Thuraya-XT-Seken-Mulus-Fullset-Plus-Perdana-Pulsa-i.182659944.11865176557

Mau pesen hape satelit Thuraya XT seken ini lewat Tokopedia?.. boleh, disini: https://tokopedia.com/cncphoneshop/hape-satelit-thuraya-xt-seken-mulus-fullset-plus-perdana-pulsa

Sedikit tips dan trik untuk terhindar dari penipuan online: https://www.cncvirtual.com/2011/08/tips-dan-trik-bertransaksi-online.html

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